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Brexit FAQ’s

Here at Speedy Freight, we know that there’s still confusion and uncertainty around Britain’s exit from the European Union. It’s also important to make sure you’ve checked up on what Brexit means for your industry – and how it will affect your movement of goods in and out of Europe. Find the answers to some of your common questions around Brexit, with our Brexit FAQ section below.


When is Brexit?

The UK officially left the European Union on 31st January 2020 with the months preceding  as a transitional year to sort regulations, legislation and trade deals.

From 1st January 2021 the UK became a separate trade entity with the EU.


What deal do we have?

As of 24/12/20, a trade deal with EU has been agreed, The Trade and Co-operation Agreement runs at 1246 pages and outlines the rules relating to products which can be freely traded between the EU and UK market, market access rules including air and road transport, co-operation, dispute resolution and the methodology for monitoring the Agreement.

For our customers this means that Duty/Vat will not be payable on goods meeting the appropriate criteria.


What will this mean for my customers that import and export in the EU?

Previously any export or import from the EU was a free movement of goods.

From 1st January any movement to and from the EU will need an entry passed through customs.

Full checks will be in place for goods leaving the UK into EU and any goods arriving into the UK will currently have partial checks initially with full checks rolled out July 2021.


Do I need paperwork to move goods?

In short, yes. drivers will need to have a passport (minimum of 6m validation), currency of destination country (this may not be an EU member state), Kent Permit (if needed) and Customs declaration paperwork.

No order must be shipped until we have a customs authorization; drivers will not be allowed to board a vessel or train to the continent without the correct paperwork.


What’s a Kent Permit?

Any vehicle of 7.5t and over will need to have a permit to enter Kent before boarding a vessel/train. This is only valid for 24hrs from date/time of entry onto the Government portal. The person using the service will be able to select the date and time they would like the Kent Access Permit to start.

The portal is currently in a BETA phase and will not be rolled out fully to carriers until later.

Along with customs paperwork, drivers will need this permit to ensure they are able to make delivery on the continent.

Drivers will not be able to access any holding spaces without this; the permit will be registered to the vehicle reg. if there are any changes to the booked vehicle a new permit will be needed.

HGV drivers can be fined £300 if they do not use the service when using the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel.   They can also be fined if they are not using the correct route when heading to the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel, as per the Heavy Commercial Vehicles in Kent 2020 Statutory Instrument 1146.


We deliver to NI, is this any different?

Yes, it will be. There will effectively be a border in the Irish Sea to control goods arriving from the UK/EU. These goods will need to clear customs and Irish customs before they arrive into NI.

If the goods are deemed to be moving into the Republic of Ireland (noted as ‘At Risk’ goods) there will be further checks. What these will be, we are not yet aware of.

The Northern Ireland Protocol was put together as part of the Withdrawal Agreement.


Can the goods be collected without the customs paperwork?

Yes, but driver cannot proceed to the exit port without the customs documents. Driver will be unable to leave or enter the UK without specific documentation and reference numbers.

If driver does proceed and is delayed further due to lack of customs information, Speedy Freight will not be liable for any extra charges that maybe incurred.


What is a deferment account?

A duty deferment account with HMRC lets you make payment for any duties & VAT due via Direct Debit for multiple consignments. You can apply for a duty deferment account if you’re an importer or someone who represents importers and have an approved guarantee or waiver in place.


Does Speedy Freight have one?

Yes, we have access to a duty deferment account which we will be using on behalf of our customers.


Is there a charge?

There will be a charge of 1.5% to use the duty deferment account which will be added to your invoice. (see further detail below).


What is the account used for?

Certain goods being transported will be subject to a duty charge, this charge will be calculated when the customs entry has been completed. To pay HMRC, Speedy will use the duty deferment account to pay for these duties to ensure that the goods will be cleared through customs so delivery can proceed quickly.


When do I pay?

Speedy Freight will send over an invoice for any applicable monies due once the entry has been completed, this will be for immediate payment either by BACS or Credit Card. To pay by credit card there is a 3% charge (cost of card transaction).


Can I pay HMRC myself?

Yes you can. Speedy Freight will send you the entry details and appropriate references in order for you to pay HMRC directly. We will need confirmation that the monies have been transferred before delivery can proceed.


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