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From blood samples to blister packs Speedy Freight can move clinical waste, urgent samples, bulk medication or packaging in ambient or temperature controlled situations. When you need to urgently deliver medical or pharmaceutical items, we’re here. This is same day your way.

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Why choose Speedy Freight as your pharmaceutical and medical courier service?

When it comes to choosing a medical courier service, you need someone you can trust. Delivery of medical supplies is a technical process that requires specialised resources and experience within the field. Our medical courier drivers have all received high quality training to handle pharmaceutical and medical items, including organs and blood. They are firmly aware of the unique challenges and risks involved with transporting such items, and are equipped with the knowledge to confidently handle them with care.

Along with extraordinary care, it is also essential that medical supplies are transported as quickly as possible, in line with Good Distribution Practice (GDP). Timing of delivery of sensitive medical samples can be critical to someone’s medical condition, Speedy Freight can collect within the hour, and deliver direct without any stops. Unlike other couriers, Speedy Freight never co-load so we don’t take detours. Your delivery will be taken straight to where you want it, safely, securely and bang on time. During the journey, we keep all parties updated on the status of the delivery.

Our services help medical institutes to carry on their treatment or diagnosis without any interruption or delay. Speedy Freight’s 24 hour, 365 days a year service ensures that we are in reach of our clients whenever and wherever they need us. Our drivers are prepared to drive through the night if necessary to make sure your supplies arrive on time. With access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles at our disposal, there is always another driver ready to step in if an incident should occur.

Keeping your items cool

The sensitivity of pharmaceutical and medical products to changes in temperature is a major consideration for us. We know that the slightest rise and fall in temperature can have a dramatic impact, which is why we closely monitor the status of our vehicles at all times. The temperature required varies from delivery to delivery, which is why our trucks can be carefully calibrated to each client’s specific needs.

Giving medical professionals the tools they need

As well as delivering medication, we can also transport bulkier medical equipment. Whilst larger in size, such equipment is often fragile in nature and so we take particular care when loading and unloading, as well as ensuring it is secure throughout the journey. Our focus is always on minimising the chance of damage wherever possible. We can deliver straight from the manufacturer themselves or from another medical facility. Without the right medical equipment to hand, life-saving operations or research cannot take place.

In addition, we can also deliver confidential patient documents direct to their intended recipient, including scans and medical notes.

Whether you need to receive medical equipment, samples or bulk drug deliveries our skilled traffic planning and customer service teams offer expert guidance and competitive pricing.


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